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Thinking about and having your will prepared is an emotional experience and tends to be delayed until some event pushes it to the forefront.  You want an attorney who can walk you through the complexities in simple understandable terms, and respond quickly with your drafts.

We can’t predict the future in drafting your will. However, we can design your will with alternatives for each contingency that might reasonably occur in the future. Examples include planning for births of children and grandchildren and deaths of parents. Trusts can be included to handle funds for the young and the elderly.  You can establish college contingency funds.   Wills for small estates can keep all funds in one pot until the youngest living child graduates from college, while still allowing the advance of funds to the older child who has already graduated and wants to buy a house instead of renting.  

Mr. Massey will explain your options fully so that what happens to your estate is what you actually want not what the lawyer assumes you might want.   Your initial consultation will be informational and advisory only and will not obligate you to pay for any documentation.  

Please call us at (540)373-1818 for more information.