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Mr. Massey acts like a catalyst, helping the parties find a creative solution to the issues that without his insight, knowledge and experience, you might not have come up with otherwise.

What kind of divorce lawyer are you looking for? Blanton Massey is an attorney who will…

  • Allow you to make case decisions, insofar as you are comfortable doing so
  • Give you an overview of the process and cost before any lawsuit is filed
  • Help you make a realistic assessment of your case – to give you a settlement range of the best case outcome and worst case outcome
  • Keep you informed of case happenings as well as next course of action and what it will cost you
  • Keep you in the loop with timely copies of documentation
  • Respect you
  • Be honest with you
  • Be your zealous advocate
  • Respect your desire to get the case settled fairly and quickly
  • Use all means to keep costs low without jeopardizing the case
  • Explain all the benefits of mediation to you, especially things a mediator can do to help settle your case
  • Help you do a cost-benefit analysis

Call (540)373-1818 for more information about what you can achieve with Blanton Massey.