Unbundled Services

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  • Document preparation:  drafting  for a set/fixed legal fee, such as a will, lease or contract.
  • Document review:  review and analysis of specific documents prepared elsewhere
  • Legal advice at an hourly rate, limited to specific questions
  • Court Coaching services:  You represent yourself, appearing in court without legal counsel, but as requested and under a negotiated “limited legal services contract” with you, we give you advice on court procedure, your legal rights, and help you prepare for the court hearing, which may include such matters as document preparation, case organization and presentation. 
  • Conflict Coaching services:  We give you legal advice with regard to your rights, and help you prepare for the mediation session or business meeting where you will be negotiating. 
  • Second opinions: when your court case is getting too costly or drawn out, an objective review from someone not involved with the case can provide new insight or give assurances that you’re on track. 
  • Advice and coaching on how to hold employees accountable and progressively discipline them.  
  • Advice and coaching on how to effectively communicate with the other parent on custody and visitation disputes.